Smoked Ham, Smoked Turkey, and Smoked Duck for Indianapolis, Greenwood, and surrounding areas

This is the stuff we founded our love for BBQ on.  Once our friends and families wouldn’t stop harassing us to cook more and more for them, we decided it was time to move forward with catering and food trucking from a variety of smokers and start Johnson’s BBQ Shack LLC.  This fall we hope those that haven’t tried our smoked meats for the Holidays give us a try.  We know your holiday parties are time consuming, getting the family organized, cleaning the house, and cooking the food.  Save the time and let us deliver or send someone out to pick up the meat.  We will be available November 22-December 1 for the Thanksgiving Feast.  We will also, be available for those Christmas Parties December 20-January 1.  We will be taking special orders for the holiday office parties as well.  Just send us an email at or call Keith at 317-716-8889 to setup your order.  Pricing is also available on our website under the menu tab then the holiday specials tab.  We look forward to providing your family with the same great meat our families have been feasting on for years.  Happy Holidays from all of us at Johnson’s BBQ Shack LLC.

Keep your eyes open, because in the spring we will be expanding our operation.